Hobsonville School

Zelda Engelbrecht, Saysha Mohon, & Clare Letting 

Focus: What will learner agency look like within a responsive learning environment?

Hare Krishna School

Subhatra Ho & Lavanga-Lata Dasi

Focus: Developing a consistent  approach to Literacy across Hare Krishna School.

2022 Showcase

Our Kāhui Ako WSL & ASL Inquiries


Hobsonville Point Primary School

Bruce McMillian, Ashleigh Oliver, & Sam Maloney

Focus: How might we build teacher understanding of curriculum and pedagogy for staff in order to better support students' acquisition of mathematical knowledge to enhance effective student agency.

Hobsonville Point Secondary School

Raegan O’Malley, Maddy Casey-Chapman, Dhiren Lal, Leoni Williams, & Aidan Daly

Focus: To continue building capacity amongst our staff in their use and knowledge of mātauranga, te reo, tīkanga and te āo


Huapai District School

Jo Redman, Louise Moss, & Ben Shrimpton

Focus: For teachers who have a disconnect about what each other are doing, we are hoping to improve teachers' work about one another. How do we break through the isolated feeling of living in the now, with the idea that participants are connected to, and are committed to one another.

Marina View School

Robin Lydiard, Kylie Erceg, Helen Ashford, & Vishon Busch

Focus: Developing a cohesive curriculum.


Riverhead School

Gill Robertson, Tjitske Timmermans & Susannah Marshall

Focus: to use impact coaching to broaden Collective Teacher Efficacy around developing depth of understanding of Learner Agency across the curriculum, 

Matua Ngaru School

Kelly Gaston & Adeline Sutherland

Focus: How might we develop Collective Teacher Efficacy for Matua Ngaru School, to ensure authentic and meaningful student inquiry learning.


Taupaki School

Courtney Edwards & Cheryl Gouws

Focus: Improving student engagement in writing as a stepping stone to agency using impact coaching as our lens. 

Scott Point School

Alex Carpenter & Candace Barry

Focus: How might we develop our induction process in order to sustain a collaborative school culture?


Waitākere School

James Grant, Rhys Hodge, & Kura Wyatt

Focus: Using the Learning Pit to fostering a classroom culture that values resilience and effort.

Whenuapai School

Paige Chellew & Rebecca Archer

Focus: How might we strengthen collective teacher efficacy across the whole school, while fostering student agency in our school, so that both students & staff have clear direction & confidence (specifically in senior literacy). 


Whiria te Tangata Across School Leaders

Amy Croxford, Ashleigh Stewart, Danielle Myburgh,

Kate Harland, Ros Britton & Yasmin Frazer

Focus: We wanted to interrogate how our practices as ASL's could lead to positive change.  We focused on the collective teacher efficacy amongst and between our twelve teams of WSL's.