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Our Story

Our Vision

Together we will create a community in which all learners succeed and flourish.


Mā te pā harekeke te rito ka tipu.

Everyone nurtures the growth of a child.

Our Purpose

  • Raise student achievement.

  • Enhance capabilities of all learners.

  • All learners to have a sense of pride about where they are and where they come from.

  • Build relationships and communities based on trust.

We will achieve this by working together on the following important drivers and theories of improvement :

  • Building teacher efficacy in collaborative ways of working.

  • Embedding culturally responsive pedagogy.

  • Enabling learner agency.

  • Strengthening learning connections with parents, families, whānau, akōnga and teachers.

  • Developing local curriculum reflecting the environmental context and economic opportunities of the community.

Our Journey

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